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With over 28 years of experience coaching, mediating, training, facilitating and consulting, Betty is highly regarded as a Conflict, Change, and Leadership Specialist. Betty specializes in working with complex challenges, supporting leaders and their organizations to be at their best. Betty’s capacity to care deeply, listen well, and provide wise and thoughtful support allows her to help her clients engage in tough, meaningful, and important conversations, set directions, and achieve positive organizational change. Learn more.

Dr. Betty Pries
The Space Between Us - Book on Transforming Conflict

How do we understand the nature of conflict? What causes us to fall from healthy disagreement into conflict? How can we manage our differences well? And what does how we think about what it means to be a person influence our engagement with conflict? The Space Between Us: Conversations about Transforming Conflict, invites you into a conversation with Betty Pries, a thought leader who has devoted almost 30 years to working with a wide range of conflicts and tough conversations. Together with Betty you will be reminded that while transforming conflict is not easy – we all fall down – when we embark on a journey of conflict transformation, we may discover new vistas of joy. The space within us can be transformed just as the space between us can be healed. Learn more.

Betty's wisdom, gained from many experiences of organizational life, shaped her working with us -- and yet, her skills at listening and hearing what was being said allowed us to feel that our experience of the consultation was very honouring of context and not formulaic...The dance between discovery (open ended, brainstorming, hearing all voices) and commitment (deciding on specific language) was artfully done at all stages.

A remarkable feat for this department!

Department of Family Medicine

Betty helped us get through the decision-making process in a timely manner and yet we did not feel rushed. Betty gave clear direction and listened carefully to our questions and perspectives. In the end it felt like our decision.

Preston MC

Our session with Betty was much-needed for our organization. Her insights allowed us to tackle some core issues. We were very pleased with our session and are looking forward to our next one!

Kema Joseph

Head of Editorial
and Relations


I felt Betty was very patient and calming. She listened to what everyone had to say without cutting anyone off. She was very knowledgeable...She kept us on track and moving forward. Betty’s experiences helped with some real life examples.

Nancy Campbell

Cedar Hill UC

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